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Welcome to AVIOT LUMEN, a leading reliable brand name in the LED LIGHTING industry. We have succeeded in providing energy efficient solution catering to the needs of various residential and commercial sectors since last 20 years. We always have conceptualized, manufactured and designed wide range of energy efficient products for homes, government projects, call centres, shopping malls or other retail outlets, restaurants, educational institutions and several other commercial and Industrial properties.

The founder of AVIOT LUMEN possesses vast experience of about 25 years in Turnkey Electrical project dealing with wide range of commercial and industrial establishments belonging to different parts of India. In addition, since 1995, he intended towards saving of precious energy for Air-conditioning devices, Cooling Tower, lighting equipment and motors.

Serving more than 3000 Customers

AVIOT LUMEN with its prime objective has provided energy efficient solutions in wide range of applications via effective product development in combination with in-house manufacturing activities.

What We Do?

We have a good expertise in the delivery of reliable energy-efficient solutions to our customers.

Why to Choose Us?

We are always focused on Energy Efficient, Safe, Reliable, Durable Products to our clients.

What is ESCO?

ESCO is a concept of promoting products on Energy Conservation thereby saving on Power bills, which is shared by Manufacturer and Client.


  • LED Lighting Vs. fluorescent Lighting
    LED lights are the ones that have light emitting diodes as the main source of light. These are the most used lighting these days at Homes, Office, Events, Government Projects, Industries etc. because they are highly energy efficient. You can save from 50% to 85% your electricity bills using these lightings. In terms of price, they are indeed a tad costlier than all forms of lights; however, they are very reliable and last for many years, which overshadow the high price. There is always a debate on whether to use LED lighting or fluorescent lighting. However, the following factors explain as to which is the better of two.

    Author: Abhay Shah ― Date: 2013-08-18

  • LED lighting for business
    Businesses must start using LED lights simply because of the impact they can have on power bills. These LED lights give supreme quality lighting at the most minimum power consumption rates. In addition to this, their lifespan is simply unbeatable; hence the businesses need to spend a lot on replacing their lights very often. A small example will make us understand the impact of the LED lights. Every business premise has an emergency exit sign at some corner. If incandescent bulbs are used on these signs, they last for a year. However, if LED lights are used on the same sign, they last for 11 years.

    Author: Abhay Shah ― Date: 2013-08-18

  • How LED lighting is revolutionizing Street Light
    The LED lights use diodes for light emission and are considered to be one of the top class lights in the market considering the huge amount of savings one can make in terms of energy and power bills. The manufacturers of these LED lights have slashed the price of these lights to a great extent, so that more and more people can purchase these lights for residential and office uses. Earlier, the LED lights were used only for sophisticated electronic equipment. Slowly they were used in big business houses and then spread their roots into residential buildings.

    Author: Abhay Shah ― Date : 2013-08-15

  • Save power with LED lighting
    LED lights or lights that use diodes for light emission are considered as one of the best prevailing llumination device in the market because they perform remarkably well in terms of energy efficiency and making the environment a better place to live in. Though the LEDs were performing greatly in all departments, their cost was a huge letdown. However, in recent times, people have started understanding the role of LED lights in saving environment and power bills, and have started using the LED lights greatly in vehicles, residential areas etc. The increased usage has brought down their costs to a great extent.

    Author: Abhay Shah ― Date : 2013-08-15

  • Tips for saving money on your power bills by switching to LED lights
    The average lifespan of a LED light is around 50,000 hours which is 5 times higher than a normal fluorescent bulb. You do not have to replace these bulbs very often, thus it gives you an upfront advantage on your power bills, though these are not printed in black and white on your monthly statement. When you tend to save on your maintenance and replacement costs, it is a huge benefit, as often replacement process costs a lot.

    Author: Abhay Shah ― Date : 2013-08-15



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